Wednesday, March 05, 2008


Hey Flan,

I was all excited today to share photos with you of the CPH. The Mommy was very generous and sent me an early birthday present of a cute little camera. Mr. Nikon we found dead at Christmas. It was a good little camera except that getting pictures out of the damn thing was nigh on impossible. I had such high hopes for this new little one.

For some reason, the computer- which has been properly installed with enclosed cd- doesn't seem to recognize the USB thing and of course The Hubby has left for the day. Now we are back to where we started. The photos are IN the camera but refuse to come OUT. I am unreasonably frustrated by this and think perhaps I should have some breakfast.

Oh! Franklin is going to be at Yarnover! I am so jealous! YOU could be one of the 1,000 knitters!

Anyway, if I had photos to show you they would be of a completed right side, back and nearly completed left side. After consulting ravelry and the KAL I decided to do it in one piece bottom up to the arms and short row the shoulders. I cast on the smallest size and during the ribbing was quite concerned that it would be large enough for a 5 year old, much less The Sister. I emailed her and she emailed back and the smallest size continues.

The pattern is lovely and delightful and I'm happy. The Cascade 220 superwash you so enthusiastically encouraged me to purchase is going quite well and I think she'll enjoy it. I think there'll be some negative ease, but she likes her clothing snug, so it'll be alright.

Good luck w/ the mountain of work.

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