Thursday, March 06, 2008


Hey Flan,
I have had one of those days where it took all of my imagination to visualize myself in a hammock on a sandy beach. Eventually not even that worked. After work I made macaroni and cheese from scratch even though I was starving and the process takes 45 minutes from start to finish. It was totally worth it and it remains at the top of my comfort food list.

Regarding the camera, The Hubby had a brilliant suggestion and popped the USB thing into another slot and magically the whole thing worked.

HERE is what the CPH looked like...

... before I realized that I had forgotten to cast off 2 again at the beginning of the armhole. Yeah, I discovered that 17 sts do not equal 15 sts when I was getting ready to short row and cast off for the shoulder. At that point we were each sent to Time Out and have been there for 30 hours. I think it might just be long enough and will probably rip back (again) tonight.
I decided that the liklihood that The Sister will want longer arms on the sweater is pretty high so that doing them wrist up would probably be stupid. Plus, I'd really like to just pick up the stitches and do the sleeve in the round instead of seaming. Once again, my imagination exceedes my knitting prowess as I discovered when trying to reverse engineer a sleeve capped sleeve. We'll see how this goes tomorrow. I'm starting to have a better mental image of the whole thing, but usually that means very little.
Happy Friday.

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