Thursday, January 31, 2008

B is for Borealis

B is for Borealis Yarns (in St. Paul, MN). In my personal opinion, Borealis is simply the best LYS in the world.

How can it not be when the walls look like this, stuffed with every color and fiber I can imagine:

The bookcases look like this-- stuffed with knitting and crochet books.

The staff are the most helpful I can imagine:
And Tuesday night knitting is such great fun!

Borealis is even conveniently located next to a coffee shop (with a connecting archway so one doesn't have to go outside. (I sound like a commercial)

Now Kathleen, I realize I don't have to praise Borealis to you....after all, you brought me to Borealis for the first time (after mutually frustrating experiences at some other LYS). But to others who might not have discovered the wonder...stop by!

P.S. There would be a picture of the store sign, but when I took these pictures, the temp outside was -13 before windchill, and I decided that it wasn't worth risking my health or my camera to try and get a good shot!

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