Monday, January 14, 2008


Hey Flan,

I'm so impressed with not only your mega hiking but also the fantastic baby shower!

The Baby Blanket continues- at least a reincarnation of one. I was working away with the DB cotton angora and the yarn, the pattern and I were not getting along. All reviews of this yarn say that it fluffs angora like crazy. I think I may have gotten an odd batch or something because there is really no fluffing happening- it is way over plied so that might have something to do with it.

Plan A morphed in to Plan B. What to do when the yarn doesn't work? Get new yarn. I went back to the stash (being on the yarn diet and all) and pulled out some organic cotton yarn I'd gotten from elann awhile ago. Originally, this yarn was going to be used for a sweater for The Mommy, but it quickly got repurposed. Now, the new yarn is rocking the old pattern and everyone, especially the knitter, is very happy.

However, you know how I like to have plans for all of the yarn in my stash, so what to do with the DB?? Embroider that bad boy. Yup, you heard me, with sewing. I decided that the garter and stockinette bits of Plan A looked much better than the pattern bits. Then I remembered that I had seen a cotton bag with some beautiful embroidery in one of the Debbie Bliss books. Off to the local library and the internet to do some serious embroidery research. Have become solidly convinced that most of the embroidery/ needlecrafts available are complete crap, but a small margin might be worthy to grace my knitting. New plan: make a plain stockinette baby blanket with garter edging and embroider it with pretty flowers. It could happen- maybe.

The realization that babies in utero probably won't wait until proper embroidery skills are acquired and then baby blanket be knit before arriving into this world means that the DB baby blanket probably won't be done in time for this particular child was shocking. The fact that I realized it before attempting this feat shows progress I think.

So... for the time being I am trucking right along on the cream cotton baby blanket and am 23% done. One week ago it didn't exist, so am feeling pretty good about that. The fact that 23% got done in one week and the laundry and dishes didn't might not be too impressive to The Hubby but at least he knows by now not to comment.

Hope your week is going well too.

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