Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Knitting and Storage....

Nice job on the baby blanket, I'm impressed at your speed!

In knitting news, I spent 2 hours (cause I'm dense) grafting, ripping out, and regrafting the top of the hood of my Rogue. That means that all I have left are sleeves and the attached i-cord on the front.

The color is completely inaccurate in this photo, but you can at least sort of see the cables (the flash was a necessity).

I also swatched for my Central Park Hoodie at Knit Night last night....I'm loving the way that the Dream in Color Classy is knitting up, and the color is great (that's Dream in Color Blue Lagoon, the same that I used for Grandpa's socks).
The big excitement in the past few weeks was that I reorganized my stash and desk space. We went to Ikea and I bought one of the Expedit bookshelves, assembled it, and turned it on its side. Then in the As-Is section, I found a conveniently the same height, already assembled kitchen cabinet piece. Put one on each side, put desktop handmade by my Dad on top, and I have a lovely desk for when I work at home, as well as tons of (very decorative) storage space for yarn and knitting books.

The whole thing looks like this (pardon the flash and generally dark picture distorting the view).

The bookcase full of yarn and fiber looks like this:
And closeup of each end of the bookcase (note that these overlap by one set of cubes in the middle)

I love it! Lots of inspiration, and a nice space to work to boot! I think I'm going to get some more low baskets just for containment purposes, but otherwise, it turned out even better than I thought!

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