Sunday, February 03, 2008


Hey Flan,

So it's Mardi Gras weekend! That means, for citizens of two US cities (ours, the one where Mardi Gras started, and the other one who borrowed it and made it famous), there are two days with no work (!) following two weeks of parades, balls, coronations, etc. Today is Joe Caine Day. Mr. Caine was the man who restarted Mardi Gras following the Waw-uh (The War of Northern Aggression if you're on this side of the line) and today is dedicated to him- and I heard something about a football game happening but didn't really pay attention.

Instead, my attention has been extremely focused and a gaping anomaly. Ok, when trying to find a top down sweater pattern (btw: big shout out to Shelly who recommended the Barbara Walker book! It's on order and hasn't yet arrived, so that project is on hold, but rescued from permanent hold by her excellent suggestion) there were only patterns in parts to be found.

HOWEVER, when trying to find seaming and blocking methods to use for The PPC (Princess Pram Cover) it seems that ALL blankets/ afghans EVERYWHERE were worked in one piece.

Does anyone ELSE see that disparity?

Sweaters only come in parts, but blankets only come in single bits.

My main findings; block first (check) then mattress stitch (nu-uh- don't wanna). Firstly, I'd like to say that I love the mattress stitch. Absolutely love it. Fantastic for all those sweaters in pieces of nice stockinette that need to be fashioned into one. However, I find that it makes the reverse ugly. Not bad when your tummy and shoulders are the witnesses to the ugly as is the case with a sweater, but not good when anyone (including the infant recipient) could just turn the blanket OVER.

HENCE, a better method is sought and not yet found. I decided that maybe the secret lies in the blocking and I'm going to try it again just for fun. THEN I'm going to call in the Knit Night reinforcements.

Tomorrow: GUMBO and 'nana puddin'. I make ONE pot of Gumbo per year. It takes ALL afternoon and, in my decidedly non Southern opinion, is not very delicious. However, The Hubby likes it and I make it for him.

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Kimber8116 said...

You should buy Gumbo take-out from the Boiling-Pot. It's good & you can wiggle out of all-day cooking.

My husband doesn't like gumbo, so I eat take-out rather than make a huge pot for myself.