Sunday, February 10, 2008

Quite a Week

Hey Flan,

Last week was one I was estatic to bid farewell to. The one bright spot was that I acquired a new EZ book! The Opinionated Knitter has been added to my collection and I am beyond thrilled. I think that leaves just one book (Knitting Around) that I do not yet have. I don't knit that much from the delightful EZ, but reading her books makes me feel smarter. Two things I'm very excited about in regards to her are the pictures found on Ravelry- the other is mr.brooklyntweed who loves her patterns and shows us all how it's done. My brain is not nearly gifted enough to imagine what the final product will bring, so the photos are indespenisble. Also, did you know the Schoolhouse Press website sells YARN!?! I was trying to figure out what 10 oz of Sheepsdown meant in "regular" terms, googled it and there you go. So exciting.

Other news... Let's see... The main part of the knitting for The PPC is finished! Well, that would be exciting if I were any less bumfuzzled about how to put the whole thing together. I checked out practically the entire knitting section from the local library in an effort to figure out how to put it together. The winners are: The Ultimate Knitting Book from the nice people at Vogue, and Knit Fix. They both had suggestions for what to do with reverse stockinette. HOWEVER, there is NARY a word about what to do with reverse stockinette on a diagonal. I decided The PPC and I needed some time apart and shoved the whole blessed thing in a bag where it will remain until Knit Night when I'm planning on pleading with the more expert knitters for guidance.

Thoroughly besotted with my new book and equally as thoroughly disgusted with the making up of a blanket (which EZ would have had the good sense not to have started), I decided that the world really did need another Baby Surprise Jacket and have cast on in a delightful combination of slate gray and "willow leaf". The ladies at the yarn store looked slightly askance when I combined gray and nearly puce green, but I love it so far.

Hope you're staying warm and that M had a nice birthday.

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