Thursday, February 14, 2008

The MOST Ridiculous Thing I have Ever Heard...

... ever.

Hey Flan,

I was perusing the new books today and came across two tidbits of knowledge that are simply too outrageous not to share.

1. If a venemous snake bits another venemous snake of the same species the bitten snake will not die. The book did not state what would happen if one venemous snake bit a venemous snake of a dissimilar species, but I guess we all need something to ponder. The paragraph did point out that some snakes just go ahead and eat other snakes, so I guess it's sort of a six of one, half dozen of another kind of deal.

2. There was a book that shall remain nameless. It falls into the "Weight Loss" genre. As I am currently perusing quite a few of those books, I picked it up to look at the back cover. This particular book was espousing the virtues of cutting sugar out of one's diet. The quote, as directly as I recall said:

' If you have a sweet tooth try chewing on a cinnamon stick to squelch the craving.'

That is singularly the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard, seen or witnessed. Who -other than the freak of an auther- has ever thought/said/ expressed the sentiment that cheesecake, chocolate, pie, cookies, tortes, mousses, flans, flambes, brulees, jams, jellies or anything else that could possibly be considered for entry in something found on the Food Network be satisfactorily replaced by NAWING ON SOME BARK???

That's just ridiculous.

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