Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Vacation Recap: Part 2 Wildlife

There's an amazing amount of wildlife in Banff and Jasper. Here's a sample of what we saw:

There was a ground squirrel, who was promptly fed by tourists....proving that a certain segment of National Park tourists are stupid the world over:

This pika literally almost ran over my foot while we were hiking. I froze, and Mike took the picture. Then it shrieked at us for 5 minutes as we walked away:

There were mule deer on the shore of Maligne Lake:
And elk hanging out in our campground:

Speaking of campground visitors, this was "our" flock of birds at our second campsite. The previous campers had spilled an ENTIRE bag of rice, and made no effort to clean it up. So after the nice Parks Canada employee cleaned up the majority, the birds made short work of the rest.
And last, but certainly not least, there was a bear. I'd like you to note that we were a very safe distance away (unlike some people). This picture was taken with a serious telephoto lens.
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