Monday, September 17, 2007

Hard Act to Follow

That last post is a hard act to follow....that's my excuse for a quiet week on the blogging front.

The truth is, I have been knitting (and even wearing handknit socks!) It was cold enough at the end of last week that I wore wool socks to work on Friday. The cold also killed my tomato plants.

This week's excitement centers around shoe-buying and new clothes buying for my upcoming business trips. Today Zappos (love the free overnight shipping) delivered these:

And these:

Both of which I'm thrilled to say fit and will be hitting the road with me in October.

In knitting news, I'm knitting an adorable Baby Surprise Jacket for E & H (she's due in just a couple of weeks) out of the pink and purple Artyarns Supermerino you bought for me back in the day. It's VERY pink/purple and girly. I'm also trucking along on Rogue. The back armhole decreases are done, so now I'm knitting up the back to the shoulders. With half the stitches, this is flying along!

Are you down to one job? I finally sent your little package off today, so hopefully you'll get it this week.

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