Friday, September 21, 2007

I think I've seen those on TV

Hey Flan,

First of all, Gracie and I just got back from Atl where we saw The Harlot!! She was, as expected, fabulous. We were just a teeny bit late from getting lost and 5pm downtown traffic, so were only 30 min early. All the seats were taken, so we ended up sitting on the counter at the concessions stand at the top of the theatre and if we stood on the counter could just see her head. She gave the same speech she did in MN, but it was still fantastic. We left before the Q&A in order to get to the yarn store before the hoardes.

I had a major fall down in the Artyarn Ultramerino 4 section. Hellooooo socks. I know, I don't knit them, but this yarn is prettier than any yarn ever and I loveitsomuchIwanttomarryit. PLUS, The Sister mentioned that she wanted socks for Christmas (along with real peanut butter- it's a long story) and seeing as she's going to be in Chile and that's very far from here I thought it might be nice if they got something really nice for Christmas and socks are way smaller than sweaters.

There was major progress completed on The Coronet for The SIL's bday. It was started on the way to Atl and completed on the way back. She really does have a lot of hair and the hat is ginormous, but it is ginormous and completed, so all is good.

The Hubby does not have a hernia. At least if he does it's not a very big one. I'm really relieved.

Oh yeah, the title of the post. I was sitting in the breakroom eating my ultra healthy snack of half a whole wheat pita with hummus and sprouts. For some reason this batch of pitas won't open, so the hummus and sprouts were on top, like an open faced sandwich. One of the cleaning ladies looked at my snack and asked me what the green things were. I said sprouts. She said, "brussel sprouts??" I said "alfalfa". She thought about it and said, "I think I've seen those on TV."

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