Wednesday, September 12, 2007

5:39 AM

Last night at knit night I didn't knit a stitch. Instead I talked, looked at books and magazines, and generally enabled those around me. I did buy a book (Elizabeth Zimmerman's Knitting Workshop), because I'm going to knit a couple of Baby Surprise Jackets. One for E&H, and another for B&K. There was no knitting because I had no knitting with me except a sock that I'm not currently inspired about. And that came about because of running late and traffic and car crashes (not me, thankfully, but this becomes a theme).

The weather turned very sharply cooler this week. Last week at knit night it was 90 and muggy. This week, it was downright chilly! Which keeps me in the mood for having large pieces of knitting in my lap, and I'm speeding along on Rogue. This pattern is so spectacularly well written, I'm happily following along. And though the Skye Tweed is not a super soft yarn in the skein, but it feels so much softer knitted up.

Monday night I bound off for the underarms, so now I'm knitting up the back (which is pretty simple). This is going to be a fabulously snuggly sweater. A good thing, given how icy cold my new (basement) office was today.

Oh, and the title of the post? That would be the time that a car crash woke us up this morning. (see? a theme). Luckily, no one was hurt, but there's nothing to start your adrenaline shooting through the roof like the sound of cars colliding at high speed right outside your bedroom window. It was so loud that even Mike woke up. And there was no more meaningful sleep after that shot of adrenaline.

P.S. 300 posts! Go us!

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