Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Making Plans

Hey Flan,

Sleep has amazing restorative properties. I am not quite so crazy after sleeping in until EIGHT. Today is my "don't come to work until noon" day, so it is also my sleep in day. Soo loving Wednesdays.

So I've decided to make a plan. Ms. Stephanie makes lists. I make plans. Sometimes the plans have lists, sometimes not. Part of this plan means that I'm going to try to blog on Wednesdays and then either Friday, Sat or Sun depending on my work schedule. Starting in October I'll be working every other Friday and then every other Saturday. This means I should have time those mornings to devote to our blog. I need some structure (yes, even more than I had before) and I think this will help my feelings of being a bad blogger.

I finished The Hubby's sweater! It's blocked and everything. I meant to take it to knit night last night, but was distracted. Of course, after it was all done I realized I forgot to weave in an end, but whatever. I'm so excited that this "sweater a month" plan has worked out so far. October is for The Dad's Sweater, November for The Mommy's and December for The Brother's. When I get done early I earn "bonus days" during which I can knit whatever I want. OCD? Yup, but it works for me and I try very hard to keep my neuroses to myself.

Sadly, not having to be at work until noon still means I have to GO to work and get READY for work, and now is the time. Hope all is going well. Thanks again for the beautiful yarn!

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