Friday, June 22, 2007

Stormy Weather

Not much knitting to report. My Dad was in town to speak at an event, so I've been busy with him, and on Wednesday night I was drafted to play softball on Mike's team because they were short on women, so I lost a normal knitting opportunity.

So no knitting pictures, but I do have a fun weather picture to show:

We were about to go to bed Wednesday night, and I went to put something in my car, and there were amazing storm clouds- so dramatic that I couldn't resist a few pictures. We got some pretty good rain out of the storm, but no severe weather in our neighborhood, although others were not so lucky.
By the way, it's hard to take pictures of lightning in the dark with a digital camera that has shutter lag.

I'm just starting the gusset on the first sockapalooza sock, so heel turning is in my near future. I think I'm going to use Wendy's pattern for a slip-stitch heel on a toe up sock. This weekend it Twin Cities Pride, and my organization has a booth, so much of my weekend will be spent at the Pride Festival, where hopefully there will be a bit of knitting!

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