Monday, June 25, 2007

All Socks, All the Time

This weekend was about socks.

Friday night we went to the Groveland Tap with friends, and I knit along on my sockapalooza socks. I finished the gusset, but decided trying to turn the heel using a pattern I didn't know well while in a bar was perhaps not a good idea. Tonight I plan to turn the heel and start the heel flap.

Saturday night we went to a St. Paul Saints game (they won, 11-1). I was anticipating spending all day Sunday at Twin Cities Pride, so I wanted something simple and cotton to work on. The mohair content in the Bearfoot is lovely, but sticky in the hot and humid. So I returned to the socks you had started and given to me in April. I was unhappy with my previous gusset increases, so I ripped out to the beginning of increases on both socks, and reknitted. Between the Saints game and working at my organization's booth at Twin Cities Pride, I'm ready to turn the heel on one sock, and have started the increases on the other.

It's really too hot to knit anything but socks at this point, though I am thinking longingly of lace and of cables. Once my sockapalooza socks are done, I may retreat into air conditioning so I can knit lace and/or cables to my hearts content!


Shelly Kang said...

Hey, Flan! You want to get in on the yarn dyeing action you just give me a call or an e-mail or something ( and we'll work out a time for you to come over - some time after the new blank yarn shipment comes in. I'd love to have you over to play with the colors.

La Cabeza Grande said...

Flan, I have a skein of Schaeffer Anne that you might use to knit even more socks or whatever you wish. It is yours because you won this prize Anne Hanson's MS drawing.

Please email me at your earliest convenience.