Sunday, June 10, 2007

Happiness and Joy

Hey Flan,

I am delighted to report 2 things.

1: THE YARN IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dear Yarn Store, I am sorry I ever doubted your methods. You are right, I was wrong and need to learn to be more patient. Regardless of my error-filled ways, I have been rewarded with the BEAUTIFUL yarn. The BEAUTIFUL yarn is made from fiber I've never knit with before, but have always wanted to. Nope, I'm not saying what it is. The potential project is super secret for now, so now it's y'all's turn to be patient.

2: The knitters of moBEEL totally represented for World Wide Knit in Public Day. When I sent out the email asking the knitters if they wanted to do something for WWKIP day they all said yes, but it turns out that they thought I was making it up! How obliging are they that they would agree to show up for what they thought was a completely made up holiday??!! It cracks me up, but it's also very sweet. We comandeered the front room of a local coffeeshop and represented.

That's all for now. I have already been to the grocery store today and saw all of the "regulars" (yes, it is scary that there are enough of us that have our schedules routinized to the point where I recognize them). People should seriously prevent you from grocery shopping when hungry. I think I just purchased more food than I have ever before in my ENTIRE LIFE. The Hubby's so happy. I made him carry in the bags. It took him 3 trips. It would have taken me 14. I love that he's home to carry stuff. Happy Sunday.

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