Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Finally Socks

Oh the starts and stops that came with these socks! You see, the lovely Alison arranged Sockapalooza 4 (with a new baby no less). I participated last time, and it was lovely, and I got a wonderful pair of socks, so when sign-ups opened, I jumped in!

We got our pals, I chose my yarn (Mountain Colors Bearfoot), and I began to knit. First one pattern, then ripping as I found it didn't show well. Then another pattern, which I discovered drew in too much to fit well. My sock pals feet are a bit bigger than mine, so a sock that would fit me was not going to do!

I knit again, ripped again, and cast on yet another time. Last week at Knit Night, I ripped one last time, and contemplated toe-up socks. I'm worried about running out of yarn, you see. I journeyed to the back room of Borealis, and found some lovely Louet Gems in a complementary colorway, and cast on for a toe, and began to knit. Finally, things were going my way. Last week I knit the toe, switched to the Bearfoot, and began to knit the pattern. After an inch, I looked at it carefully. This would not do. Too busy a pattern. I ripped back to the toe again, and browsed for inspiration. I stumbled across Thuja, and knew I'd found my stitch pattern. So finally, here is my progress on my first sock.

Now that I have the right pattern/yarn combination, the socks are flying! I haven't had much time to knit, but it seems that even when I steal a few moments, a half inch of knitting comes off my needles! (Quarter included for scale).
It's hard to get a good picture of the pattern, but I'm hoping once I progress further, it will become more clear, since I love it in person!

So finally, my socks are progressing, and I'm not worried about the mailing date!

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