Monday, October 08, 2007

Productive Weekend

Hey Flan,

I hope your OR trip goes well. Portland? Probably. Like Seattle it's the one and only city anyone knows and, also like Seattle, is NOT the capital.

Last week whilst knitting during lunch someone asked me what it was. I said "a sock". They looked at it for a minute and said, "it even looks like a real sock too!" I don't know exactly what she expected a knitted sock to look like, but whatever I'm doing looks "real" apparently.

So my lack of a size 6, 16" circular lasted about 30 seconds after my last post. I took myself over to Knitpicks and ordered one. With Shipping & Handling the whole thing was less than $7.50 and it got here in Saturday's mail. I was very impressed and am completely besotted with my shiny new needle.

Whilst on the site I just happened to notice the set of Harmony sock needles. They're so pretty. With all this new sock yarn I have I thought it would be prudent to have a back up just in case of breakage and the Harmony-s come with SIX needles per size. They're going to email me when the set is ready and I'm so very excited.

This weekend I managed to find beads for The Mommy's sweater! I tried to shop locally, but when I told them what I wanted they just looked at me funny so I had to go to one of the chain "craft" stores. In the end I found some in a good color and bought the world's teeniest, tiny-est crochet hook that will fit through the bead hole but is big enough to pull the yarn through. The pattern sucks and the sizing is all weird, so that sweater is again on hold whilst I work on The Rotting Pumpkin with my shiny new needle.

Happy Monday.

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