Friday, October 26, 2007

Finally Fall

Hey Flan,

It seems the weather has finally decided it is fall. I'm so excited. Fall here is defined as "lower than 80". The night lows are in the 50s, day highs in the mid to upper 60s (low 70s predicted for tomorrow). There was a lady at the library yesterday wearing lined winter boots. She made me laugh.

Let's see.... Knitting... I finished The Sister's first Xmas Sock! It took 3 weeks. I emailed The Sister and she said the gifts would need to be to the people delivering them by the first week of December- 6 weeks from now. At the rate of 3 weeks per sock that leaves me one sock short of a pair. I might have to start knitting them at more times than just lunch. I started the first sock of the other pair so as to not get bored (as well as to fully commit to two pair) and am loving the colors. So far so good.

I seamed my sweater! The last part is picking up sts all around the outside and putting on the ribbing. I tried it on post seaming and am having a confidence crisis. I'm not sure I like it very much. This is the gamble with knitting and this time I think the knitting gods may have won. I am trying to reserve total judgement until after it is actually complete and has been washed.

Sadly, the sweater for me was not the designated October sweater. The Dad's Sweater had that prize and I have until Wednesday to knit 1.75 sleeves in order to stay on schedule. It could happen, especially since sleeves get delightfully smaller as you go along, but unless I make some serious progress this weekend it will be unlikely. Fingers crossed.

Hope you're enjoying AZ.

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