Friday, October 05, 2007


I'm prepping for a business trip to Oregon (I'll be there for a full week), and I'm running into the classic knitter's dilemma: What knitting do I bring with me?

In my carry on, I'm bringing Henry (so soft!), which I am exactly 1/7 done with, according to the pattern. Note to self: scarves knitted lengthwise eliminate the needing to turn the knitting every minute problem, but those rows are LONG. I also never measured for gauge, and I'm thinking I may eliminate a repeat, because I don't want Henry to be too wide to wear comfortably. I'll probably also toss my SIP in the carry on, just in case.

In my checked bag, I think I'm going to take Rogue (languishing due to the return of warm weather here), in the hopes of getting lots done there. So is that enough knitting for 8 days, including two long travel days? Is it too much? I truly have no idea, though I do hear there are some great yarn shops in the Portland area....

And at what point does the yarn start to compete with the clothes for the trip? I'm taking the camera, so there should be knitting pics as well as pretty Oregon pics over the next week.

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Kathleen said...

I wanna go to OR! Take me! I can knit whilst IN your luggage, thereby increasing the amount completed upon arrival.