Saturday, October 20, 2007

Book Reports

Hey Flan,

Thank goodness for Lime & Violet. It's so nice to have crazy knitters to listen to whilst seaming a sweater. Once it's finished I'm going to take pictures and show it off like there's no tomorrow.

Anyway, on to some book reports! One of the absolute best part of working at The Library is that I get to see all of the new knitting books that come in. PLUS, the ladies who have lunch when I do are impresesd by the knitting and I think may be ordering more knitting books so that I'll be inspired to knit something for them. They've also dropped several hints about how cold their offices are...

This is the first book. Knitting Classic Style by Veronik Avery. Now usually I am very impressed by her designs but do not actually lust after them. This book is different. There are TWO sweaters that I MUST have. Naturally, these are both knit on size 3s. I am completely insane, but these are so very pretty that I absolutely have to have them. Pg 26 has a cable cardi that is fabulous and I really must have it. It's the perfect cardi I've been searching for forever. Also, Pg 116 has this sweather thingy that I really really do not like, but the under top is so fantastic I cannot tell you. It's also on 3s, but out of cotton. SUCH lust.

This book, Folk Style by Mags Kandis. Most of the time going through this book I mostly said, "hmmm...." There is only one pattern that mildly interested me. Scarily enough, it's also a Veronik Avery. There's a hat on Pg 119 that I might be interested in, even though it's on size 2s. There are mittens but I don't think they coordinate enough. If you don't mind embellishment on your garments you will probably like this book. I usually feel that I don't want crap on my knitting, so this one is going back to The Library soon.

Last book for the day is The Best of Interweave Knits ed. by Ann Budd. Here we inadvertantly continue with Veronik Avery. Flan- you must have the sweater on pg 9. It would look fantastic on you and it's very pretty. I think you'd also enjoy the one on pg 49. Short sleeved and sassy. I do kind of wonder how they determined what the best is. Even though most of these patterns are nice, I probably wouldn't have chosen the majority for the ultimate prize of BEST. I do, however, think I'll be making the Icarus from the front photo. Thankfully, I already own that issue of the magazine, so I don't have to buy the book.

Enough literary-ness for the day. I'm off to vaccum the floor of the second bedroom. Apparently it bugs The Hubby. We need The Hubby focused. Ironically, large piles of dirty clothes and dishes do not bug him. No one said he was logical.

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