Friday, May 18, 2007

Two Woohoos and an Arg

Hey Flan,
I've heard good things about Shepherd's Harvest and it sounds like it was good. Not so much sheep down here in lower AL.

Woohoo #0: It's FRIDAY!! Always a good thing.

Woohoo #1: SOCKS ARE FINISHED!!!!!!!!!!! I cast off last night. I was a little surprised that the second one went so quickly. I did the toe Tuesday night, the foot and heel Wed. and the ankle Thursday! They are drying in the back of my car, I'm hoping it's very warm in the car and that the next 6 hours will produce happy, dry socks. It's kind of hard to believe that they didn't even exist a week ago.

Woohoo #2: The number on the scale sayed down for TWO days!! I have been at the exact same weight for so many days it's not funny. Once, a couple of weeks ago it went down a pound and a half. I was excited. The next day that pound and a half was back! THIS time, the scale went down yesterday and I was cautiously optimistic and today it was STILL GONE. I guess slow and steady is good.

The Arg: Yesterday I tried to embellish things in LeBlog. Specifically, I was trying to figure out where the sidebar thingies were so that I could add some "on the needles" and some blog linkies. No such luck. Apparently LeBlog and I need to have a sit down and work out our issues.

This weekend is house renovation! Custom made curtains will be hung, chairs will be sanded, primed and painted, then topped with custom made cushions, pictures will artfully grace the walls and, hopefully, it will stop looking like the reject pile from the Goodwill and start to have some homey cohesiveness.


Tammy said...

Already finished the sock you STARTED! on Tuesday at S & B..... Wish I could knit that fast...

Tammy said...

You just started that sock on Tues. at S & B and your already FINISHED!!!! I wnat to be that fast!!!