Thursday, May 24, 2007

"Of course, Hunters can mate with Knitters."

Hi Flan,
The above is a direct quote from a story in today's Seattle Times. The story is about relationships. The implications about relationships are not all that complimentary, but neither are they all that rosy for knitters.

Here is the entire paragraph (again, this is from the Seattle Times, the link is above- we strive to be a plagarism free zone- italics added by me), "Of course, hunters can mate with knitters, Republicans with Democrats, Jews with Christians and the filthy rich with working stiffs, but if more than two stark differences are there, the relationship is in trouble, Dobransky says."

Apparently, knitting reflects beliefs as significant as those of FAITH (see Jews and Christians comments). As much as I enjoy knitting, at the end of the day it is a hobby and a creative outlet, not a religion. I have opinions regarding knitting, but none of them are held as fervently as my beliefs regarding politics or religion.

Apparently knitting is on an end diametrically opposed to hunting. Hunters like animals and don't usually hunt the ones whose fleeces knitters enjoy and knitters don't usually knit from those that hunters enjoy. It would probably shock Ms. Dobransky to know that some knitters hunt and some hunters knit. Why wouldn't she have used "hunters can mate with vegans"??

My little rant has very little to do with the actual point of the article. I guess it's just a crabby Thursday. But the rant is not over and I have just one more thing to say. I was at a 3 day training earlier this week. Before we began yesterday I had pulled out my knitting and was sitting quietly, thinking about the day, with my knitting near my lap, partially under the table. I was not knitting something brightly colored. I was not talking to people about my knitting. I was reading through the presentation materials and sitting in a chair. If you didn't look closely you wouldn't have known I was knitting. One of my coworkers said, " I could never do that, I am the type of person who just likes to blend in."

Not only are knitters all Bambi-loving granola crunchies, we also don't blend in while sitting quietly.

Rant over.

Happy 250th Post!

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