Tuesday, May 22, 2007

This One's for You...

.. my brother.

Hey Flan,
Last night a few of us were headed up to Gracie's for a fabulous dinner. The Brother called and mentioned that he had read our little blog. So this post is for you. Also, here's a big cyber Congrats on your Masters!

Oh my the planning. Waaaay back when, your mother was visiting and I don't think you had graduated yet and all three of us went shopping. After an expensively successful trip to the Rack we were at the Yarnery. I succumbed to y'alls peer pressure to purchase some Artful Yarns Fable (color: the three little pigs- how cute is that?!). It was on sale and I had been lusting after it for months. Later I found more at Borealis. Also on sale. I ended up with 5 skeins of one dyelot and 3 of another.

Gracie and I found a very cute little tank pattern over at zephyrstyle. She's using the 3 of one dyelot for hers and I'm using some Cascade Sierra. Oh, if you end up doing the "Ms Marigold" the needle recommendations seem not to be based in my knitting reality. They recommend size 5s for 5 sts/ in. I had been trying to use DK weight and it was not going well. I'm now going to use size 7s and worsted wt and everything is looking up.

THEN I realized that the 5 skeins are EXACTLY enough to make the world's most adorable shrug/ sweater thing (pattern courtesy of the fabulous, but blogless, Jacquie). Absolutely perfect. Just goes to show that the perfect pattern will come along as long as you have patience.

The day long trainings continue. Yesterday was a review of the 3 day long training we underwent in February. They even used some of the same photos. I spend a lot of time wondering if I promised them that I remembered if I could be excused. Hopefully today will be less painful.

I'm so jealous about the Jon Stewart! Have fun housesitting and give Sally a nice pat from me. You sound less stressed, so I hope things are going well.

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