Monday, March 01, 2010

Committee Sweater 2010

Now that the Knitting Olympics are over, Committee is hanging over my head. Now we're on to the annual Committee Sweater. I bought the yarn almost 3 years ago, the first time I went the Shepard's Harvest with Aubree, Tess, and Tracy.

It's sinfully soft merino from Blue Hills Alpacas and Fiber Mill. (The color is really orange there- it's much more red in person, but I'm struggling to get a good picture). I loved it so much that I bought all they had at the festival, and then got them to send me more. And I've been searching for the perfect sweater pattern ever since.

Enter Twist Collective, and Audrey in Unst. A perfect transition piece, and something completely wearable both at work and to social events, etc.

Swatching happened before the Olympics, and now I'm working the hem. It is a much finer weight sweater than anything else I've knit during committee, so it might not get finished during committee, but I think it'll be worthwhile.

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Anonymous said...

Hooray for finding a match between yarn and pattern. This will be a very usable sweater I imagine, light, slightly dressy, and interesting but not too interesting a pattern. =)

T. (aka norseland)