Monday, February 22, 2010

Knitting Olympics 2010

So apparently I'm blogging once a month (once in Jan, once in Feb, even if the posts are separated by 6 weeks!).

In keeping with tradition, I'm knitting stranded mittens for the Knitting Olympics. These are a bit more complicated than my project 4 years ago, but since the whole point is challenging yourself, and I must be a better stranded knitter than I was 4 years ago, right?

I'm knitting NHM#8 (Ravelry link) from Selbuvotter, and adoring them. They were meant to be a very large mittens as a present, but apparently my combo of very tight knitting and fine fingering yarn made them about half the predicted size.

My sizing issues mean that the mittens fit me in circumfence, but would have been too short for your small hands. Mucking about with charts led me to add a third snowflake, and now they fit me, so I guess I'm getting mittens out of the deal!

These pics were taken before the weekend of knitting, but give a sense of the pattern and yarn:

Mitten #1 is done, but for the thumb, and tonight I should finish 1 of the 3 snowflakes on mitten 2, so I might just squeek in and finish them for the Olympics.

Just in time, too, since Committee starts next week, and I'll need to be working on my Committee Sweater!

I'll try and pop in with an update on these and my committee sweater before the craziness starts...

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