Thursday, June 26, 2008

What Happened to Blogging?

Since last I blogged, I've been to Madison for a conference, where I saw this guy perform (SO funny).

Then we went to Montana for vacation. "Montana?" you say. "Don't you usually do that in August?" And we do. But this year we're attending a ton of weddings, and this is when the trip worked. So to Montana we went.

We were supposed to start with a river trip, but due to abysmal weather conditions, the trip got called off. So we went to the Archie Bray Foundation, and looked at cool sculptures:

And creepy ruins.

Then we went to the ranch, where we spent lots of time feeding the wood stove and relaxing:

And watching the deer cross the bridge because the river was too high to cross otherwise (indulge me, I love this picture of a startled deer).

Followed by a river trip that included Mike and I each learning to row a raft:

Snakes:who climb trees (can you say creepy?!)
Lewis and Clark historic campsites:

Beautiful sunsets (which followed cataclysmic thunderstorms)


and really cool rock formations:
Then we came back to Minnesota, and I got stuck in a post-vacation catching up kind of slump. Combine that with the traditional summer blogging slump, and you get the gap from my last post.

But I'm back! And I've been knitting! and spinning! and I have projects! All to be shown in my next post, since I've got enough pictures and catching up in this one.

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