Sunday, December 02, 2007

Productive (?) Weekend

Hey Flan,

Way to go on the Plo Bloggy Thing. It certainly was nice to hear from you every day.

This weekend is mostly a blur, much like many of my weekends sadly. However, the Christmas bug has bitten and I actually did some shopping. I am very proud of myself that I waited until December 1 for the non yarn purchases.

I purchased a Birthday Gift for The Hubby whose birthday is inconveniently two weeks before Christmas. I also purchased gifties for a friend and some stocking stuffers. I purchased The Hubby's Christmas giftie as well. Today, I purchased The SIL's giftie and had a delightful brainstorm so far as her stocking is involved. Additionally, I made headway on developing a circular needle case. I made one last week but it is so flawed I'll probably rip it all out- way less fun with sewing than with knitting.

The Sister's socks are finished and are drying on sock blockers (graciously lent by Gracie). The other pair is going well. The first sock is done and the second heel got turned tonight (!). I found out the couriers don't leave the country until Dec 15 which seems to be a very very long time from now.

Wow, this is turning out to be really really boring. I'd apologize but I'm way too tired.

Oh yeah, my ultra fun idea! Guess whose birthday is on Mardi Gras this year? MIKEY'S!! Y'all should come down!! We get time off work and I make good gumbo. Also, it'll be 75 and Sunny here whilst it is -75 and icky there...

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